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New Year, New Rules: Your Immigration Guide

Updated: Jan 29

Indonesia's dynamic immigration landscape has seen a wave of recent updates, impacting both visitors and foreign residents. Whether you're planning a dream vacation or seeking long-term residency, understanding these changes is crucial for a smooth and compliant experience.

Exciting Opportunities for Travelers

Five-Year Multiple Entry Visa: Bid farewell to frequent visa renewals! This revolutionary visa allows extended stays of up to 60 days per entry, with multiple entries permitted within the five-year validity period. Explore Indonesia's diverse beauty at your own pace, from sun-kissed beaches to ancient temples.

Visa-Free Expansion on the Horizon: Up to 20 additional countries are expected to join the visa-free list in 2024, making Indonesia more accessible than ever.

Enhanced Clarity for a Smoother Journey: Defined Activities for Visa-Exempt Visitors: No more confusion! Activities permitted for visa-exempt individuals have been clearly outlined, ensuring a worry-free visit.

Restrictions on KITAS Renewal for Certain Professions: To prioritize local talent, KITAS renewals may be limited for certain professions with high Indonesian skill availability.

New Regulations for KITAS Holders

Investor KITAS: Aspiring investors, take note! The minimum investment threshold for obtaining an Investor KITAS has increased to 10 billion rupiah per person. Additionally, if you plan to convert your KITAS to KITAP, your investment must be at least 15 billion rupiah.

Retirement KITAS: Retirees seeking a tranquil Indonesian haven can rejoice! The new regulations allow for 1-year Retirement KITAS, eliminating the need for frequent renewals. Additionally, the minimum monthly pension requirement has been set at USD 3,000, ensuring your financial stability during your Indonesian retirement. The age requirement

Additional Updates to Keep in Mind

Election Year Fluidity: With the February 2024 presidential elections approaching, potential policy changes are on the horizon. Stay informed with Vidhi Law Office's expert updates and official announcements.

Heads Up: New Tourism Tax in February!

Be aware that a new tourism tax will be implemented in February 2024. This fee will apply to all international tourists entering Indonesia and is expected to be around USD 10. Remember to factor this into your travel budget.

Your Visa and KITAS Specialists:

Vidhi Law Office and Austrindo Bali Mandiri is your one-stop solution for navigating Indonesia's evolving immigration landscape. Our team of legal professionals provides comprehensive support for:

Visa Applications: We guide you through the entire process, from selecting the right visa type to preparing documentation and ensuring a smooth application journey.

KITAS Management: From initial applications to renewals and extensions, we handle the complexities of KITAS with expertise and efficiency, including navigating the new Investor and Retirement KITAS regulations.

Expert Legal Counsel: We provide tailored legal advice based on your specific circumstances, ensuring you stay compliant with regulations and maximize your visa and KITAS benefits.

Don't let immigration uncertainties hinder your Indonesian experience. Partner with us and unlock the doors to a hassle-free journey in Indonesia. Contact us today for a personalized consultation and embark on your Indonesian adventure with confidence and legal expertise by your side.

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