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Get to Know Vidhi Law Office

Lawyer with solutions

Vidhi Law Office was established by Peter Johnson an Australian lawyer and who was later joined by Desy Widyantari an Indonesian lawyer.. For more than a decades Vidhi Law Office has been one of the most leading and respected law firms in Bali.

We moved to our modern new premises in 2007 so we can further extend our capacity to deliver first class services to all our clients. These modern premises are equipped with the latest technology to help make Vidhi Law Office one of Indonesia’s leading legal firms.

In 2015, we changed our name from Austrindo Law Office to Vidhi Law Office. The Vidhi is a Sanskrit word meaning ”Law” or “Rule”. We believe that as the leading law firm in Bali we should identify with Bali and its culture hence the new name of Vidhi Law Office.

Vidhi Law Office provides its clients with fully licensed Indonesian practitioners experienced in commercial, civil and criminal law matters. Vidhi Law Office has a close working partnership with PT. Austrindo Bali Mandiri, a locally based business consultancy, specializing in Visa matters and formation of companies.

With a wide range of contact at all levels of the community in Bali and Indonesia this firm is also able to provide commercial and business advice for foreigners wishing to invest in both Bali and Indonesia generally.


The firm has a proven track record of efficient, economical and successful service especially in the areas of immigration and visa formalities, the acquisition and disposal of land and businesses and police related matters.

Our priority and guaranty is providing legal services to enhance and protect the legitimacy and quality of client’s rights and interests.



Our staffs are all fluent in English and we also have our Japanese staff member who assists Japanese clients.

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