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austrindo bali mandiri

Comprehensive Business & Immigration Solutions

Austrindo Bali Mandiri

Navigate visas, permits, and legal intricacies effortlessly, empowering your journey in Indonesia's vibrant landscape.

Our Solutions

Single Entry Visit Visa B211A

Customized for travelers seeking short-term stays or multiple entries into Indonesia. We streamline the application process, ensuring a hassle-free experience for your entry.

Multiple Entry Visit Visa D212

Tailored for frequent travelers requiring multiple entries. We manage the application for seamless travel convenience.

Visa Extension

For individuals needing extended stays beyond the initial visa period. We provide support and guidance throughout the extension process.

Dependent KITAS

Designed for dependents of visa holders. We assist in obtaining and managing dependent visas.

Retirement KITAS

Aimed at retirees seeking residency in Indonesia. We guide retirees through the requirements for a peaceful retirement.

Working KITAS

For individuals employed or engaged in projects. We aid in securing working visas, ensuring compliance for your work endeavors.

Investor KITAS

Ideal for foreign investors. We assist in obtaining necessary visas, ensuring seamless operations for your investments.

Artist KITAS

Aimed at artists or individuals in creative fields. We support artists through the visa application process, facilitating their creative endeavors.

Second Home KITAS

Tailored for those seeking a second home in Indonesia. We guide you through the process for a comfortable residency experience.


Assistance for transitioning from a temporary stay permit (KITAS) to a permanent stay permit (KITAP).

KK & KTP for KITAP holder

Aid in obtaining family cards and ID cards for KITAP holders, facilitating a smooth integration into Indonesian life.


Assistance for individuals seeking Indonesian citizenship.

Foreign Investment Company in Indonesia Set Up (PMA)

Support for establishing foreign investment companies. We guide investors through the setup process, ensuring compliance and success.

SKTT (Temporary Residential Registration)

For temporary residents. We assist in obtaining SKTT for a seamless stay experience.

Driving License for Foreigner

Assistance in obtaining driving licenses for foreigners, ensuring legal compliance for driving in Indonesia.

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