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1.       Peter Gerald Johnson, OAM., LL.B., GAICD.


Academic Qualification

  • Teacher Certificate, Claremont College, Perth, 1967;

  • Bachelor of Arts (Econs), University of West Australia, Perth, 1972;

  • Bachelor of Jurisprudence, University of West Australia, Perth, 1976;

  • Bachelor of Laws, University of West Australia, Perth, 1977.


Professional Qualifications

  • Graduate Australian Institute of Company Directors, 2014


Practice Descriptions

Peter G. Johnson, a graduate from the University of Western Australia in Law and Economics, practised law in W.A. from 1977 – 1992. Then was Senior Adviser and Customs Adviser to Federal Minister for Small Business and Consumer Affairs, the Hon Geoff Prosser MP, from 1993 to 1997, and in 1997 Adviser Customs/Law to Senator Ellison the Federal Minister for Customs and Consumer Affairs and Minister assisting the Attorney General.


From 1998 to 2001 Mr Johnson worked in Bali as the only Western Lawyer permitted to practice in Bali, dealing primarily with existing and new businesses and land acquisitions by both individuals and corporations, assisting in the setting up of those businesses and in dealing with the varied problems encountered in Indonesia in general with business and land acquisition.


In 2003 Mr Johnson was awarded the Order of Australia medal for his work in assisting the Australian Consulate in the wake of the Bali bombings of October 2002 and is the holder of the Defence Medal for Military service.


His strong interpersonal skills that allow him to connect with clients and deliver the best possible outcome and strong work ethic and organizational skills ensure that matters are handled efficiently and cost effectively. Mr. Peter Johnson has exceptional research skills and talent for identifying and extracting the key issues of a situation.


Utilising his legal background in both Australia and Indonesia and working closely with local Indonesian Law office Vidhi Law Office, Mr Johnson is able to provide a unique service to individuals and business in Bali.


2.      Desy Eka Widyantari, S.H., M.H.
         Peradi Bar No. 07.11315


Managing Partner


Area of Practice


Intellectual Property Right

  • Investment Law

  • Financial Service Law

  • Corporate – Commercial Law

  • Litigation - Civil, Criminal Administrative, Intellectual Property Right, Industrial, Bankruptcy/Deferment, Payment Acquisition

  • Taxation Law

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • Property and Agrarian Law

  • Industrial Law

  • Family Law

  • Marital Law

  • Inheritance Law


Academic Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Law, University of Indonesia, Jakarta, 2000;

  • Master of Law, University of Udayana, Denpasar, 2011.


Professional Qualifications

  • Lawyer’s License from PERADI, 2007;

  • License of Litigation Lawyer from Denpasar High Court, 2007;

  • Certified Mediator, 2012;

  • Certified Expert Legal Auditor, 2020;

  • Certified Tax Lawyer, 2020. 


Practice Descriptions

Desy Widyantari is the Managing Partner of Vidhi Law Office. She has a legal career in her mind and started her law experience in general corporate/commercial law. Her main responsibilities are to manage corporate or commercial issues, setting up – operating – transferring a company ownership and acquisition of shares and assets of a company.

She has a strong sense of justice for her clients causes and tempers this with a very practical approach to realistic outcomes so she can close out issues efficiently.

She is a licensed lawyer and member of Indonesian Advocate Associate and also licensed as a Taxation Lawyer.



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Desy Eka Widyantari.JPG
Fajar Harini.JPG

3.    I Gusti Ayu Rai Fajar Harini, S.H.

       Peradi Bar No. 00.12149


  • Family Law

  • Marital Law

  • Inheritance Law

  • Litigation

Academic Qualification

  • Bachelor of Law, University of Warmadewa, Denpasar, 1998.

  • Professional Qualifications

  • Lawyer’s License from PERADI, 2000

  • License of Litigation Lawyer from Denpasar High Court, 2000


Practice Descriptions


Fajar Harini is the Partner of Vidhi Law Office. She is a licensed lawyer and member of Indonesian Advocate Associate. She has a keen interest in Family Law and Marital Law.


1.      Ni Wayan Aggarani, S.H.

2.      Ni Luh Putu Wulan Purwanti, S.H.

3.      I Made Kurniajaya Raharja, S.H.

4.      I Gst. Ag. Ngr. Ronny Chahya, S.H.

5.      I Made Suartana, S.H.


1.      I Putu Suyasa Eka Jaya Putra, S.H.

2.      I Made Dwi Ary Sulastika, S.H.

3.      Oc One Gilbert Pasali, S.H.

4.      Hanggana Raras, S.H.


1.      Dewa Ayu Made Agung Sinaryani, S.E.

2.      I Ketut Angga Wibawa

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