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Vidhi Law Office: The Most Trusted Attorney in Bali


•    Criminal Law

      Why Do You Need A Criminal Lawyer in Indonesia?

Being involved in criminal proceedings in Indonesia is extremely serious. We understand how difficult and stressful when you are in a situation related to criminal matter and unsure how to proceed. Arrested by the police, charged with a crime or the police call you up for investigation, “you need a lawyer with you”.


Our criminal law team will help you to understand your rights, advise you every step of the way and be there to assist you in every legal process.

When you are involved in a criminal investigation and facing criminal proceedings in Indonesia, it is very important to engage a lawyer that you can trust and be confident of obtaining a favorable outcome for you.


Our legal teams are able to provide you with one of the best legal representation for your case and will guide you every step of the way and provide honest and solid legal advice in court and out of court.

          The areas of criminal law we specialize in:

  • Fraud/Embezzlement

  • Robbery

  • Corporate Crime

  • Theft          

  • Criminal Breach of Trust

  • Unlawful Assembly

  • Assault

  • Vandalism

  • Criminal Trespass

  • Drug Offences

  • Affray

  • Court Proceeding

  • Housebreaking

  • And other offence not listed

•    Civil Litigation

When it comes to legal dispute that involve Civil Litigation, whether you’re an individual or a company or would like to explore the option of suing another party, our experienced lawyers will provide you with the best legal representation and will work in a timely and cost effective manner to achieve a positive resolution of any legal dispute.


Some common areas of Civil Litigation including: 

  • Contractual Disputes

  • Real Estate Disputes

  • Partnership Disputes

  • Landlord and/or Tenant Disputes

  • Shareholder Disputes

  • Company Winding Up

  • Merger and Acquisition Disputes

  • Defamation

  • Breach of Fiduciary Duties

  • General Business Disputes

  • Major Employment Disputes

  • Company Law Disputes

  • Writ of Summons

  • Breach of Contract

  • General Disputes That May Warrant Legal Action

•    Corporate and Commercial Law

Why Do You Need A Corporate Lawyer in Indonesia?

When you choose to operate a business in Indonesia, a corporate lawyer can assist you with legal advice on how to legally protect your investment in Indonesia.


At Vidhi Law Office, our corporate lawyers are specialized in assisting your business with the legal needs it has. We support clients in all stages of development and operation, from drafting agreement, employment contracts and other miscellaneous documentation for Start Ups.


These are some of the areas of Corporate and Commercial Law we specialize in:

  • Business or Commercial Contracts

  • Commercial Litigation

  • Setting Up Local Company

  • Start-Up Agreements

  • Setting Up Foreign Investment Company

  • Contract Review

  • Employment Contracts

  • Shareholder Agreements

  • Employee Dispute

  • Employment Matters

  • Commercial Dispute and Litigation

  • Commercial Contracts

  • Shareholder Dispute

  • Purchase and/or Sale of Business

  • Consumer Dispute

  • Breach of Employment Contracts

  • Trademark and Intellectual Property

  • Business Dispute

  • Licenses

  • Trademark

  • Patent

  • Tax Implication

  • Due Diligence and Corporate Structuring

  • Court Proceeding

  • Advice on Legislative Requirements

  • Foreign and Domestic Investment

  • Business Consultancy

•    Family Law

Let us Settle Your Marriage and Matrimonial Dispute

Our services include everything from domestic agreements to divorce litigation and negotiating parenting rights and responsibility.

Specific areas we can help with include:

  • Drafting and Registering Pre-nuptial and Post-nuptial AgreementsDrafting Separation Agreements

  • Giving Advice on Mixed Marriage Issues

  • Marriage Legalization and Registration

  • Registration of a Child’s Birth Certificate

  • Will and Testament

  • Divorce

  • Personal Protection Orders

  • Maintenance Orders (Child and Spousal)

  • Division of Family Assets

  • Custody

  • Adoption

•    Property Law

Over the past decade, the real estate sector in Indonesia especially Bali and Lombok has shown strong progress due to a range factors. Land transactions in Indonesia are governed by Indonesian Law.


We are an established law firm with many years of experience representing clients in all of their property transaction in Indonesia especially Bali and Lombok.


-   Property Sales and Purchases               -   Due Diligence

-   Mortgages                                              -   Property Dispute

-   Drafting Security Agreements               -   Tax Implication

-   Commercial and Residential Leases     -   Licenses


•   Translation and Interpreter 

We deliver professional translation and Interpreter services for English to Bahasa Indonesia and vice versa. Our sworn translators and interpreters provide you with a range translation and interpretation services which are proficient in all sectors.


•    Secretarial Services

We could be act as your agent for the purposes of facilitating the deposing of an affidavit. Most of our lawyers are also qualified for anyone requiring their documents witnessing. We also have an Australian lawyer who is also qualified for anyone requiring their affidavit’s/document witnessed.  We are also able to assist you on serving an overseas court document to someone who resides here in Bali.


•    Cyber Law and Media Law


Cyber ​​Law is very much needed, in relation to efforts to prevent crime, as well as handling criminal acts. Cyber ​​Law will become the legal basis in the law enforcement process against crimes with electronic and computer


The scope of Cyber ​​Law in several ways including: Copyright, Trademark, Defamation Hate Speech (defamation, insults, slander), Hacking, Viruses, Illegal Access (attacks on computers others), Privacy (personal comfort), Criminal Liability (crimes using IT), , Electronic Contracts, Pornography, Robbery (theft via the internet), Consumer Protection and E-Commerce

•    Mediation And Arbitration Services

We understand how distressing commercial disputes can be. Our experienced mediators and arbitrators will help you to resolve your dispute quickly and achieve the best, most cost effective outcome for your business.


In addition to representing parties in arbitrations and mediations, our mediators and arbitrators have experience as third-party neutrals for early case evaluations, as mediators and arbitrators in court-annexed and private proceedings, and in other neutral advisory or decision-making roles.

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