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Lombok Mandalika MotoGP Momentum: Invest in The Island of Sports

the winner of moto gp mandalika grand prix of indonesia 2023

Lombok, an enchanting Indonesian island, is poised to leverage the MotoGP momentum to capitalize on its sports tourism potential. With its world-class Mandalika Circuit and a growing calendar of sporting events, Lombok is emerging as a must-visit destination for sport tourism enthusiasts.

The island's strategic location and natural beauty make it an ideal setting for a diverse range of sporting events, from motorsports and golf to surfing and cycling. This offers investors an attractive opportunity to tap into the growing sport tourism market.

At the heart of Lombok's sports scene is the Mandalika Circuit, situated on the southern coast. This circuit proudly hosts the annual MotoGP race, an event that draws tens of thousands of spectators from across the globe. But the MotoGP is just the tip of the iceberg. Lombok also plays host to various other prestigious sporting events, including the World Superbike Championship and the Asia Road Racing Championship in Mandalika, Paragliding Accuracy World Cup in Central Lombok, the Ironman Triathlon in Senggigi through Mandalika, and others to come. The popularity of sport tourism in Lombok is soaring. In 2022, the MotoGP event alone welcomed over 65,000 visitors to the island. This year, the event succeeded in hosting 103,000 audience. These numbers are projected to climb significantly in the coming years as Lombok continues to secure its position as a top-tier host for major sporting events.

The flourishing sports tourism industry in Lombok is opening up many investment prospects. Investors can explore various sectors, including:

Accommodations: The capacity of Lombok's hotels and resorts cannot keep up with the soaring demand from sports tourists. This gives investors the chance to build new lodgings or renovate old ones.

Transport: The island's transportation system needs to be improved to handle the increasing number of visitors. The building of transportation facilities is an option for investors.

Food and Beverage: To satisfy the gastronomic preferences of sports tourists, Lombok's eating scene needs to be expanded. Investors might open new cafés and restaurants or expand already existing ones.

Recreation: To fulfill the growing demand, Lombok's extensive range of leisure activities, including hiking, diving, and surfing, has to be developed. Investors have the option of increasing current leisure activities or developing new ones.

Your Legal Partner for Investing in Lombok

For foreign investors seeking promising opportunities, Lombok offers an attractive landscape. With its burgeoning sports tourism industry and government backing, Lombok is packed with advantages for foreign investors.

At Vidhi Law Office, we specialize in assisting foreign investors with legal matters related to investments in Lombok. We offer expert guidance on legal regulations, licensing, and contractual matters, ensuring your investments are legally sound and protected.

Here are some additional benefits of investing in Lombok's sports tourism industry:

High Returns on Investment: The sports tourism industry is a rapidly growing sector, and Lombok is a frontrunner in this surge. Investors can anticipate substantial returns on their investments in Lombok's sports tourism industry.

Diversification of Investment Portfolio: Investing in Lombok's sports tourism industry provides a valuable means to diversify your investment portfolio. This industry acts as a relatively uncorrelated asset class, reducing overall investment risks.

For foreign investors in search of promising opportunities in the sports tourism industry, Lombok stands as the ideal destination. Its captivating natural beauty, rapidly expanding sports tourism sector, government incentives, and legal expertise present an array of advantages to foreign investors.


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